Franklin Products​


Cultivated With Care

Our passionate cultivators pour love into each plant daily ensuring vibrant, aromatic bud development.  Each bud is carefully dried, hand-trimmed, and cured in-house, passing that love to our friends.

Franklin Fields Prepack Flower
Franklin Fields Prepack Flower
Franklin Fields Prepack Flower


Perfectly Packaged

Our 1g pre-rolls start with buds that are loved, gently ground, sifted, and filled into RAW cones to give premium flavor and smooth smoke.

Try them in standard and infused, 1g singles and 5-packs!

Franklin Fields 1g Pre-roll
Franklin Fields 1g Infused Pre-roll
Franklin Fields 1g Pre-roll 5pack

Bubble On The Go

5 Bubble Hash Infused Mini 0.7g Pre-rolls

Our favorite flower infused with bubble hash

Lil Frankies Bubble Hash Infused 0.7g Pre-roll Multipack
Lil Frankies Bubble Hash Infused 0.7g Pre-roll Multipack

Limited Time Only Cross Joints

2.5g hand-packed Cross Joints, available in house favorites Sherb Creme Pie & Orange Zkittles, just in time for 420.

Franklin Fields Cross Joint Orange Zkittles
Franklin Fields Cross Joint Sherb Creme Pie

Frosted Frankies

1.25g pre-rolls frosted in THCa for a powerful punch to your everyday smoke.

Franklin Fields 1.25g THCa Frosted Frankies
Franklin Fields 1.25g THCa Frosted Frankies


Full Flavored

Strains are hand-selected at optimal flavor and trichome production, then flash-frozen and put through hydrocarbon extraction to retain the full cannabinoid profile in each strain.  The end result is a concentrate that smells so good you want to eat it and dabs that will free your mind.

Franklin Fields Kief
Franklin Fields Benjamin Bucket


Precisely Filled

Franklin Fields Hash Rosin Disposable

Our hash rosin, in disposable form. With a sleek, soft-touch battery and 0.5g of Franklin Fields hash  rosin, you’re on your way to smooth hits and fire taste.

Franklin Fields Commissary Carts 1g

Franklin Fields has pledged to donate $1 from each Commissary Cart sold directly to the commissary accounts of federal cannabis prisoners.


Strong & Satisfying

Your new favorite alcohol replacement. With a growing line of nano-infused sodas and 1:1 cannabinoid tinctures, you can sip, mix, and enjoy at your own leisure.

Sweet Justice OG Cola
Sweet Justice Cherry Cola
Sweet Justice Elderberry Pom
Sweet Justice Pacific Island Punch
Sweet Justice Cranberry Ginger Ale

Coming soon...

Sweet Justice OG Cola Zero
Sweet Justice OG Ginger Ale

Franklin Fields is proud to be the trusted processing partner for some of our favorite brands on the market. 

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