Full Flavored Strains are hand-selected at optimal flavor and trichome production, then flash-frozen to retain the love that has been put into the plants, put through hydrocarbon extraction to retain the full cannabinoid profile in each strain.  The end result is a concentrate that smells so good you want to… Read More


Lovingly Filled Our distillate starts with an ultra-cold ethanol extraction and ends with small-batch flavor formulation directly into the cartridge resulting in a product that is approachable, clean, and affordable that fits any 510 battery. Read More


Perfectly Packaged Our pre-rolls start with buds that are loved, gently ground, sifted, and filled into RAW cones to give premium flavor and smooth smoke. … Read More


Passion for the Plant Each plant is grown with 2 dedicated cultivators tending to its needs.  Our passionate cultivators pour love into each plant daily ensuring vibrant, aromatic bud development.  Each bud is carefully dried, trimmed, and cured by our in-house manicurists passing that love to our friends. Read More